How it works

The Auto-Tracking technology automatically tracks the time for you, based on what you tell it to track. This way you keep the control over it, but the need to manually start or pause the timer goes completely away.

Pick a task you want to automate
Create a rule with actions that will trigger the timer
You start working, Klokki starts tracking

Features you need

Besides the Auto-Tracking technology, Klokki delivers the power of a massive tool packed in one small and beautiful Mac app that lives in your menubar.

Menubar Timer

Your session, tasks, and folders always within reach.

Powerful Reports

Filter out the data you need and view it as a chart or session list for more details.

Billable Hours

Keep track of your earnings by defining the hourly rate on the billable tasks and projects.

Private by Default

All your data belongs to you and will always stay on your machine.

Mini Tracker

Configure what you want to see in your menubar.

Works Offline

Track time anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Import

Import your existing data in just a few clicks and continue where you left off.

Automatic Backups

Never worry about losing your data.

and much more
Add Notes to Sessions
Data Export in CSV-format
Keyboard Shortcuts
Adjustable Idle Mode
Flexible Folder and Task Structure
Drop Session, Round it up or down

Mighty Timer

That lives in your menubar — always within reach.
  • Manage your time-tracking session right there on the spot.
  • Use the traditional start/pause buttons, for manual control over your session.
  • Add notes to the session, to know what you've been working on.
  • Store an unlimited amount of tasks and folders within a flexible structure.
  • Archive your finished projects and quickly get back to them when it's needed.
  • Color-code the tasks and folders to give your projects an identity.

Powerful Reports

Yet are so simple to use.
  • Monitor every single session you track.
  • Filter out any session you need within seconds.
  • View your data by day, week, month, year or select your own date-range.
  • View your notes or add one to a session.
  • Display the sessions either in a detailed list or via a beautiful chart.
  • Select multiple sessions and instantly see a time summary of them.
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Billable Hours

Because you need to keep track of your earnings.
  • Define any of your tasks or folders as billable.
  • Set an hourly rate and let the app calculate your revenue for you.
  • View your billable sessions inside the reports.
  • Change the status of a session by marking it as Billed or Paid.
  • Invoice integrations are coming...


Your data stays where it belongs — on your computer.
  • We don't store any of your time-tracking data.
  • No third party will ever get access to your information.
  • Only you have control over you data.
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Mini Tracker

So much choice in such a small space.
  • Display the time of the current session, day total or a combination of the options.
  • Choose if you want to see the seconds.
  • Suspend a session directly from the menubar, without opening the timer.
  • Adapts to the light and dark menubar.

Intelligent Import

A one-click solution to bring your time with you.
  • Import a CSV-file and let the app automatically recognize your data and its format.
  • Move your data from services like toggl, Harvest, timely, Tyme or any other service that supports a CSV export.

Automatic Backups

Always feel safe and never worry about losing your data.
  • Choose to back up your data automatically.
  • Control where your backup should be stored.
  • Roll back to a previous backup.

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